The US dollar ‘could be bottoming out’

© Reuters. The US dollar ‘could be bottoming out’ – JPMorgan

The US dollar “could be bottoming out,” according to JPMorgan analysts’ latest research note on Monday.

Analysts told investors in their February Chartbook that the long-duration trade is to consolidate. In addition, the firm said to stay long growth vs value, while they prefer the US over the Eurozone, remain Overweight Japan, and cautious on China.

“So far this year, US is ahead of International, Growth is outperforming Value, large caps are again beating small – Russell2000 is outright down on the year 3%, and China continued struggling,” wrote the analysts. “We believe that this, ultimately unhealthy, high concentration and narrow leadership is set to continue until something breaks.”

JPMorgan also believes that Federal Reserve rate cuts might still be over-discounted despite the recent hawkish repricing and the chances that inflation will pick up again.

“We believe our long duration call made in October will have legs in 2024, but have argued at the start of this year that yields will likely consolidate near term, and the USD could be bottoming out,” stated the analysts. “Regionally, we have preferred US to international stocks since May of last year and don’t see that changing yet.”

The analysts also reiterated the bank’s downgrade of Banks to Underweight.

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